Musang (stands for “Musik Santai GEA” / “GEA Relax Tunes”), is a campus folk / blues band from Institute of Technology, Bandung. Indonesia. No one knows exactly when Musang was estabilished but the Indonesian well-known geologist Andang Bachtiar is generally associated with the act as the pioneer. Witty ballad satirizing current political affairs and catchy tunes is their trademark sound, representing Indonesian aspiring higher education students critics to goverment. Musang’s musical influence is varied, mostly citing Indonesian ballad and folk singer Iwan Fals and Ebiet G. Ade and American blues as their inspiration.

Their campus-awared song including “Tuan”, a song criticizing illegal logging; “Sarijem” about political party member’s concubine; and “Pantun Musang” which they always play at the end of their show.

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